• If Hillary Clinton Was Dead Broke, Then Who Paid For All Those Pantsuits?


    Hillary Clinton claims that when she and Bill Clinton left the White House, they were “dead broke”. Johnny Russo and I want to know, then…who paid for those pantsuits? Should there be an investigative committee assigned to solving the mystery of where broke Hillary got the money for the pantsuits? 

    Plus, did Eric Cantor lose to a Tea Party candidate because of amnesty or a love of steak? The World Cup, Putin, and the Jimmy Fallon/Chris Christie dance make their way into our weekly topics as well.

    Sutton Porter

    Sutton Porter

    Sutton Porter is a political satirist/standup comic, performing with Evan Sayet's Night of Conservative Comedy. She's a commentator on radio and TV and she is also a television producer on The Rick Amato Show. Sutton also serves as a Delegate for the GOP CA.

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