• Hillary Clinton Kicked Off Taliban Negotiations Back in 2010

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    Here’s an interesting (and fairly under-reported) tidbit that the media has been shying away from. Talking to terrorists is something that Hillary Clinton herself was championing back in 2010. As David Ignatius of The Washington Post points out, it was Hillary who created the opening through which Obama administration officials began initially negotiating with the Taliban. Though the mainstream media is to be praised for asking tough questions of this White House throughout the past few days, it’s telling that they generally won’t go so far as to say anything that might tarnish Hillary’s 2016 prospects, so David Ignatius is to be commended here. As he also points out, the sheer backlash of public opinion against the administration over this debacle is unprecedented.

    So what’s Hillary to do? Why, distance herself from the exchange as much as possible, of course:

    Wow. For someone so intimately involved in the foreign policy and diplomacy moves of the Obama White House up until recently, she sure said a whole lot of NOTHING there. Perhaps we’ll get something a bit more solid on the history of Hillary’s terrorist negotiations when her “Hard Choices” memoir comes out. You know, right after she admits her role in Benghazi and everything.

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