• Hillary: What Difference Does it Make How Bergdahl Got Captured By the Taliban?

    "It doesn't matter"

    Okay, so she didn’t utter the exact phrase “what difference does it make?” when asked about the specifics of Bowe Bergdahl’s capture, but “it doesn’t matter” is pretty darned close. Besides, Harry Reid already said it for her. One thing is for sure, however: the Democrats’ darling presidential candidate for 2016 leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to having an expansive vocabulary. In the brief clip above, she even used her own book title to describe the Bergdahl debacle! I won’t bother to waste time assessing the complete lack of creativity that the name “Hard Choices” illustrates, but suffice to say, don’t expect this woman to ever be able deliver the level of soaring rhetoric that got Barack Hussein Obama elected president back in 2008.

    The larger question: are variations of “what difference does it make?” and “it doesn’t matter” going to be the basis for every answer Hillary provides in response to every question she’s asked over the next two years? Her new memoir will be released tomorrow (June 10th) in its entirety, but so far, the “leaked” quotes from “Hard Choices” have left a fairly gaping hole in the substance department…not that we should be surprised. Even über-progressive Sally Kohn had to admit as much a couple weeks ago, when she referred to the book as “Boring Choices.”

    One would think that someone who already lost a presidential nomination once would realize that she’s going to have to start offering up some real grits and gravy answers on where she stands on the issues, especially when the questions are directly related to decisions that she personally made as Secretary of State. Otherwise, if she chooses to remain mum, it may not actually take as strong a Republican personality to defeat her as originally thought. We’ll see how Rodham fares when she goes head-to-head with Fox News on June 17th.

    In the meantime…

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