• Hillary Snaps! Listen to Clinton Erupt on NPR Host Over Gay Marriage Evolution

    Well, just in case you still didn’t think the “Hard Choices” tour has been one of the worst major roll-outs in the history of political books — I mean like Obamacare bad — this audio should more or less convince you. It’s actually kind of shocking that it only took one week for Hillary Clinton to crack. But crack she did, and it came rather unexpectedly during a discussion about her changing views on gay marriage. And of all people, she exploded on NPR’s Terry Gross! This was supposed to be friendly territory, but it turned into an instant catfight. If you’re pressed for time, fast-forward right to 5:22 in the link above…but I’d recommend checking out the whole exchange. I wish I could have seen the look on Rodham’s face. I imagine she was one step away from shoving a bony finger into Terry’s face, à la Bill Clinton on Fox News Sunday a few years back. This was cringe-worthy. If girlfriend can’t hold her stuff together for one week, imagine what will happen during the official ramp-up to 2016. Might we get a redux of this?

    One thing is for sure. This has not been the book tour that Hillary was hoping for. The reception her memoir has gotten on Amazon.com is proof of that. Just for giggles, check out Mark Halperin and John Heilemann absolutely savaging “Hard Choices” on Charlie Rose the other night. With friends like these…

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