• Hillary: Sure, I Kept a Benghazi Diary…But You’ll Never See It

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    Well, Rodham’s certainly on a roll this week. During the kickoff for her “Hard Choices” book tour that includes stops in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., Hillary Clinton has been sitting down for “exclusive” interviews with all of the major news networks. I’m not entirely sure how that makes any of them “exclusive,” but I digress.

    Asked by Cynthia McFadden of NBC whether we’ll ever see Hillary’s Benghazi notes from her time at the State Department, we got about as clear a “no” as we might expect from her. If the Select Committee wants those notes, “they can read it in the book,” Clinton said.

    But as we’ve seen in the past few days, her book is a vapid hole of nothingness. Hillary has been excoriated by critics on the Right and the Left over the lack of any specifics — or anything even remotely interesting — being included in a memoir that netted her a $14 million advance. She’d probably argue that the title is “Hard Choices,” and not “Hard Questions.” Because, you know, she doesn’t ever answer those.

    If you’re looking for a huge dose of Hill-arity, be sure and check out the Amazon.com reviews of Clinton’s book. These amateur critics began to unleash brutality on Hillary mere hours after the thing was released. She’s still managing to average three stars out of five, however — which is almost a passing grade. Heck, a 60 percent is better than the grade she’d get on Benghazi…

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