• Hillary: Yeah, I’m “Inartful” Sometimes…But That’s Just Because I’m “A Little Bit Crazy”

    A Clinton finally answers a question truthfully

    And here we have the Double Whammy, folks! Hillary Clinton is STILL doing damage control over WealthGate — or whatever we’re calling it these days — since she can’t seem to locate a large enough shovel to dig herself out of GaffeLand. Asked on PBS about finally having to let her husband bail her out of her “dead broke” tailspin, Hillary laughed the whole thing off and chalked it up to five “inartful” words. What she failed to mention, of course, is the fact that her husband actually made things worse for her, and he used a hell of a lot more than five words when he tried to claim that grocery shopping makes The Clintons just like normal folk. Even MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” devoted a good chunk of airtime to relentlessly knocking and mocking him over that one.

    Hillary has indeed been quite “inartful” in the past few weeks, perhaps moreso than she’s been in her entire career. “Slick Hilly” she is not. That’s why she decided to try out a new tactic last night: admit she’s just batsh*t crazy! Check it out:

    You have to be a little bit crazy to run for president,” declared the former Secretary of State. That’s quite an admission there…for if craziness is a prerequisite, let’s just swear her in now. Few political figures have that territory covered as well as this woman.

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