• Howard Dean: If You Got Iraq Wrong, You Don’t Deserve to Be Heard

    Okay, got it

    Well, here we have Howard Dean the Screaming Machine at it once again. For some reason, Democrats are shaking in their boots over the supposed return of the Neocons. The only sense I can make over this fear from Dean and others in his party is that he’s scared Barack Obama will actually listen to the Kristols, Bremers, and Wolfowitzes of the world, all of whom have been speaking out in recent days about the destruction of Iraq. Of course, the only real reason Howard would be scared of them is that deep down, he knows how utterly weak President Obama is, and he’s likely worried that this president will buckle to peer pressure. The irony is, if you actually listen to the so-called “Neocon” position on the current state of affairs in Iraq, it doesn’t tend to favor another full-scale invasion. It’s far more nuanced than that straw-man argument, and for that reason alone, Dean should realize that Obama won’t bother listening to them. What Bill Kristol wants to see achieved in Iraq is far too sophisticated for Obama’s all-or-nothing approach to the world.

    Still, these Democrats want any and all supposedly pro-war Republicans to just shut up. Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) even whined to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that the news media has been favoring John McCain in their bookings, when they should really be interviewing — wait for it — Gregory Meeks:


    Why do Democrats so often want to silence all opposition? What are they so scared of? If they were truly comfortable in their own positions, they wouldn’t feel the need to shush conservative voices. Perhaps they’re simply terrified that if the opposing case was made properly, the American people might (*gasp!*) actually agree. And that would make a caustic firecracker like Dr. Dean…well, implode:

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