• Iraq: Remind Me Why We Did This Again?

    I take no pleasure in writing this. I can’t imagine how my fellow Americans who lost loved ones fighting and dying in Iraq, or Iraqi civilians who suffered the same, are feeling at the news coming out of that country at the moment.

    We were told “mission accomplished.” We were told we were “bringing Democracy to the Middle East.” We were told that we brought the war in Iraq “to a responsible end.”

    This doesn’t look our mission was accomplished to me. This doesn’t look like Democracy to me. This doesn’t look like a responsible end to me. But judge for yourself. Here are some headlines out of Iraq today:

    Revenge Beheadings Have Begun in Iraq (The article describes an “orgy” of beheadings)

    Iraq Drama Catches U.S. Off Guard (“It makes you want to kill yourself” one administration official said)

    Militants Vow to March on Baghdad

    Gains by Al-Qaeda Led group in Iraq Spark Fears of Decades of Progress Lost

    Iran’s Special Forces Rush In to Help Floundering Ally (That’s right, one of our sworn enemies is now rushing in to defend the Iraqi government we installed)

    Christians Among Half a Million Fleeing After Islamists Capture Second Largest Iraq City (were Christians better off in Iraq before we showed up?)

    If you ask me, this president and his predecessor in the White House (who launched this ill-fated war) have a lot of explaining to do to the American people. If these events finish the current course they’re on, the Iraq War will belong in the same conversation as slavery and infanticide as the worst tragedies of this nation’s history.

    I don’t even know what else to say. This is so sad.

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    Steve Deace

    Talkers Magazine Heavy 100 National Talk Show Host. Author of Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again. Washington Times contributor. Steve's new book Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again is out now.

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