• John Kerry: “I Don’t Know” if Bergdahl is Being Swiftboated

    You’d think after all that happened to John Kerry back in 2004 that he’d have a better answer for this one, but alas. After reports from NBC’s Chuck Todd last week that the White House believes Bowe Bergdahl’s fellow squad members are engaging in a Swiftboat campaign to tarnish his image, the administration has already begun to backpedal. Why? Perhaps because it really makes them look like a team of jerks to discredit 6 military heroes who have no reason to lie, and especially to do it around the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

    Of course, John Kerry is no stranger to disrespecting fellow soldiers, as his now infamous 1971 testimony upon returning home from Vietnam proved:


    Given Kerry’s history, it’s a bit surprising that he didn’t jump at the opportunity to dismiss Bergdahl’s squadron. Either way, the key members of the Obama administration who orchestrated the Bergdahl trade are most definitely aware that they made a grave mistake, whether Obama chooses to publicly admit it or not (he won’t). The president’s various spokespeople can’t even seem to get on the same page with one another when asked about specifics of the prisoner swap, since at any given moment, the narrative changes. But let’s not all be shocked if it turns out that Kerry himself was the insider who first used the term “Swiftboating” in relation to this fiasco.


    Matt Fox

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