• Artist Profile: Toots Sweet

    The only Conservative Urban Funk Rocker in New York City, Toots Sweet connects both young and old, from rural farms to urban city streets, with his passion for music merged with his love of country that generates a motivating new sound with a compelling message for all  ‘Keep Hope Alive’.

    Toots recognizes that music and the arts play a critical role in inspiring people of all ages into action, and by embracing Pop Culture; the Conservative movement can further educate the sheeple, and restore American Exceptionalism to the greatest minority on earth, the Individual.

    “Hey this is Toots… “I truly appreciate your support; it means more than you know. So Keep on keepin’ up the good fight, spreading the truth, cause this party is just gettin’ started and together let’s take back America one song at a time”. One more thing – Don’t give up, don’t ever give up”! It came from my dad who back in the day would have rather me chosen a different path in life other than music. Once he realized that music was my life, he said to me. If music is what you want or desire, then “don’t give up, don’t ever give up” and those words have stayed with me forever. 

    Read more about Toots Sweet at tootssweet.com

    Lisa Day

    Lisa Day is a communications specialist by trade with 25+ years of experience in the field of internal and external communication, PR and marketing, current events, politics, culture, and American exceptionalism. She's the co-founder of BigDawg Music Radio, and BigDawg Music Mafia, which bridges the cultural divide with artists and entrepreneurs resisting the progressive agenda.

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