• Let the Liberal Spin Begin: Releasing Terrorists is Awesome, or Something

    The Left begins to shape its new narrative on Bergdahlzi

    Earlier in the week, I was pointing out that the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap has been universally panned as a bad administration move from critics on the Right and the Left. It’s like Cash for Clunkers, but with terrorists. A mess. “Bergdahlzi” even.

    In that piece, I also indicated that there have been a few outliers here and there, or über-lefties who can’t help themselves but to find good in every single one of Barack Obama’s dastardly deeds. And now we’re beginning to see more of them in their purest liberal form. That’s Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey Goldberg above, who actually seems to believe that the best aspect of the “Bergdeal” was the part where the hardened Taliban terrorists got to run free! “The President managed to get five guys out of Gitmo, which is a goal,” he proclaimed with a straight face on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Even Mika didn’t know how to respond.

    Thought that was weird? Check this one out:

    That’s Rajiv Chandrasekaran, the senior correspondent and associate editor of The Washington Post, suggesting that the best thing to do now…is to engage in a lot more negotiations with terrorists!

    What planet do these kooks emanate from? They clearly hate America, so I’m becoming increasingly hard-pressed to pinpoint exactly why they won’t just pack up all their things and head to Afghanistan right now to live out the rest of their days. They could even start an Islamic fundamentalist version of MSNBC tailored to the locals. The best part is that they wouldn’t have to change any of its current programming.

    h/t NewsBusters

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