• Man Crashes Stolen RV Into a House, Then Flees in His Undies

    Better Call Saul

    A Washington man was spotted fleeing an RV this week, wearing only his undies. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s basically the plot of the Breaking Bad pilot, and this champ may be giving Walter White a run for his money.

    Police chased the nearly naked 33-year old suspect for over an hour, after he led them on a chase in a stolen RV, which he crashed into not only multiple cars, but a house:



    Wow, what a real class act this guy is. But that’s not the best part. After plowing into the house pictured above, the underwear-clad criminal ran inside and began putting on women’s clothes! When police finally nabbed this scumbag, he was still wearing the girly garb.

    The man’s name has not yet been released, so we can’t yet be sure that it wasn’t Washington’s own Jim McDermott. That’s a joke. (or is it?)

    Here’s another shot of the aftermath:


    Now THAT is some epic destruction. There have got to be a lot of angry insurance companies involved in this bizarre case.

    Meanwhile, for the suspect’s sake, I sure hope he’s contacted Saul Goodman.


    Matt Fox

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