• Meet the Winner of 2014’s Ugliest Dog in the World Contest


    As a dog lover, I still find this contest to be rather cruel, but hey…I’m just here to report, folks.

    For 26 years now, the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California had held a “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest, and indeed, the canine contestants are getting more and more hideous each passing year. This year’s winner was 2-year old Peanut, who has such a bizarre look that it’s hard to tell what breed he is just by glancing at him. Though he has protruding teeth, bulging eyes and wild hair, Peanut has a great personality, according to his North Carolina owner Holly Chandler. She says the bald patches that cover much of Peanut’s body are the result of serious burns that he experienced as a puppy, which also explains his missing lips and why he only has one eyelid. But these days, he’s quite healthy. Chandler hopes the win will help increase awareness about animal abuse, and she plans to use the $1,500 first-place prize to pay for the vet bills of other animals.

    Well Peanut, I wish we could say you’re famous for a less-embarrassing reason, but hey, fame is fame.

    BONUS: Here’s a picture of last year’s winning animal.



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