• Michael Eric Dyson: Conservatives Inspired the Vegas Shooters, or Something

    Broad brush

    What’s most amazing about Georgetown University Law Professor Michael Eric Dyson — apart from the fact that he’s managed to still have a gig on MSNBC even after Martin Bashir has been fired — is that he spends most of his time painting conservatives with a broad brush, yet every time an issue related to race comes up, he laments that African-Americans are too often…wait for it…painted with a broad brush. Obviously, painting ANY group with a broad brush is wrong (unless we’re talking about Nazis, KKK members, serial killers, rapists or the like). And it would be wildly refreshing if a guy like Dyson would hold himself to the same standards that he holds other people to.

    So here we have “Professor” Dyson linking Jerad and Amanda Miller, the Las Vegas cop killers, directly to the conservative movement. To be fair, the couple’s Facebook page did contain “likes” of NRA-related pages, as well as criticisms of Obama and Holder. But the Millers also apparently supported Cliven Bundy, whom, last I checked, had basically been disowned by conservatives. They were also fans of Alex Jones, who may be a big Second Amendment proponent, but who is also a world class conspiracy theorist. I certainly don’t think he voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

    The point is this: we don’t know much of anything about these shooters yet, and liberals are already rushing to politicize the case so that they may use it as a battering ram over the heads of conservatives. But conservatism as a whole is no more at fault for this shooting than Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen were responsible for the woman-hating USB shooter. So let’s cool it on the scapegoating, Dyson. You don’t see me blaming you for the overall terrible ratings on MSNBC, do you? See, that would be painting with a broad brush.

    h/t Newsbusters

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