• Now Obama Says He DOESN’T Watch the News


    The Liar-in-Chief hit Minneapolis on Thursday, where he participated in an outdoor town-hall style event. These Q&A’s are always the most revealing functions, because Barry sure likes to babble…and when he’s asked a question by a friendly audience member (as opposed to a reporter who actually challenges him), he REALLY takes his time.

    And so, here we have the pandering POTUS displaying one of his many “I feel your pain” moments with his supporters, telling them he understands their dismay at all the bad news they’re seeing on their television screens. But then, as usual, Barack had to go ahead and take it one step too far. “I don’t watch TV news, generally, or cable shows,” he insisted.

    Really, Obama? Because you’ve stated otherwise when asked about nearly every single one of your many scandals. Here’s a mini-refresher:

    Interesting. If I didn’t know better, I’d say someone watches a heck of a lot of cable news, no?

    The real question, of course, is whether he was lying in Minneapolis…or whether he was actually lying multiple times in that unfortunate montage. My money’s actually on the montage, since it would take an awful lot of effort NOT to know about so many corrupt occurrences inside the administration. I have to think at least SOME poor sap of a staffer would be tasked with informing him. The notion of Prezzo finding out about all of his problems by flipping on CNN is entertaining, of course — in a bumbling idiot sort of way — but not exactly believable. Besides, given the amount of time Barry spends watching ESPN’s SportsCenter, he probably doesn’t have time for any news in the first place. He even admitted yesterday that the World Cup is driving his foreign policy, which should totally put you at ease.

    In a related story, Obama announced yesterday that he will NOT seek a third presidential term in 2016. Of course, he won’t have to, since Hillary should be able to pull off a third AND fourth Obama term rather effortlessly.



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