• Obamacare Contractor Processed Very Few Applications. . . Still Hiring Staff

    After being rewarded with a contract worth $1.2 billion to process Obamacare paper applications, Serco is coming under fire for doing almost the exact opposite.

    Two Serco employees at an Obamacare processing office in Wentzville, Missouri recently revealed that the company has processed very few Obamacare applications.

    “We are prepared to manage the estimated 6.2 million paper applications,” Serco’s program director told a Congressional Committee Last September. But the whistle blowers said most of the applications are incomplete and lack proper documentation which makes them ineligible to process. 

    KHQA-IL reports that the Vice President of Serco visited the company’s processing office and said Serco expected to receive millions of Obamacare applications. And when questioned, Serco’s VP admitted that they had only received a mere 300,000 applications.

    Even after failing to produce the applications they had promised, Serco hired new employees, the anonymous employees said.

    “Do you see any need or reason to be hiring more people this week?” a reporter from KHQA-IL asked.

    “Absolutely not. My big thing is what it’s costing taxpayers because I have to pay taxes and it doesn’t seem right. They don’t need that many people,” one of the anonymous employees replied.


    (H/T goptvclips)

    Jerome Hudson

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