• Were Obama’s Actions With The Release Of The 5 Taliban Leaders An Impeachable Act?

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    President Obama once again sidestepped Congress to do whatever he likes. The President released 5 of the most dangerous leaders of the Taliban from Guantanamo in exchange for American soldier, Bowe Bergdahl who has a questionable history. Obama did so, without Congress’ approval. Is this an impeachable offense?
    Does, the president of our country have the authority to do whatever he or she so desires? Of course, the Obama Administration is claiming we did not negotiate with terrorists. Saying the Taliban is merely an enemy combatant and Qatar arranged this, not us. Whatever slight of hand this President uses, he should not be given free reign. Mr. Obama should be held accountable for these actions.
    I joined a televised debate on this issue, and my liberal opponent made some pretty preposterous statements in defense of the terrorists release.

    Sutton Porter

    Sutton Porter

    Sutton Porter is a political satirist/standup comic, performing with Evan Sayet's Night of Conservative Comedy. She's a commentator on radio and TV and she is also a television producer on The Rick Amato Show. Sutton also serves as a Delegate for the GOP CA.

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