• This Philadelphia Man Stole $350,000 Worth of Human Skin

    Meet Gary Dudek

    In a skin-tastic tale of sheer strangeness, Philadelphia police arrested 54-year old Gary Dudek on Monday. The charge? Theft of over $350,000 worth of human skin, which Dudek allegedly stole over a period of multiple years. Until September of 2013, he worked as a sales rep for Organogenesisa firm that specializes in regenerative medicine. As part of that job, Dudek had the ability to order skin grafts whenever he wanted. Though the hospital needed only a few at a time, he ordered an upwards of 200 without authorization. The value was roughly $1,700 per graft.

    The real question in this bizarre story is Dudek’s motive. As a sales representative, he would have had little use for human skin. Was he trying to turn himself into Mr. Fantastic? Is he secretly Darkman? Is he working for Mason Verger? We may never know. But this is one skin-tillating story…

    Matt Fox

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