• This Is Real: MSNBC Now Issuing Warnings Before Broadcasting The Word “Redskins”


    And now, a word from the “Absolutely Necessary?” department. For a reason known only to Comcast, Joy Reid is still hosting an afternoon show on MSNBC, a network that was positively giddy on Wednesday after news broke that the U.S. Patent Office is terminating the Redskins trademark, deeming the team name insensitive to Native Americans. Suddenly, after 82 years in existence, it has been decided that the Redskins name is simply racist.

    Regardless of where you come down on this one, is it now absolutely necessary to warn people before you use a word you’ve probably used hundreds of times before and never thought twice about? It occurs to me that the team name itself probably accounts for 99% of the utterances of the term “Redskins” in modern society. I’m not sure I’ve EVER heard a person actually use it as a pejorative. Perhaps it was used in that way 100 years ago, but as far as I can tell, when most people say “Redskins,” they’re simply referring to — wait for it — the sports team.

    But this is exactly what a hyper-PC culture leads us to: morons like Joy Reid proclaiming, “I’m just going to warn you guys about that in advance” before airing the apparently now-shocking word. If only Joy would offer a similar warning to her viewers before she disparages Republicans, right? Of course, then she’d be providing so many disclaimers that there would be no time left for any actual content on her poorly rated show. In other words, yes, please do it.

    The whole thing is truly insane, but I’d expect no less from someone who actually refers to her audience as “Reiders.” There’s honestly no need for Joy to warn people about anything said on “The Reid Report” in advance, since no one is actually watching anyway.

    h/t Newsbusters

    Matt Fox

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