• VIDEO: Clinton Supporters Struggle To Name Just ONE Hillary Accomplishment


    Actually, the title isn’t totally accurate: There was the proud Hillary Clinton lackey who rattled off — wait for it — Benghazi (!) as a significant accomplishment of Hillary Clinton’s.  As in, how she “recovered” from the attack on our U.S consulate that left four Americans dead.


    Overall, and we know this will shock you, Hillary fans who showed up to her Costco book signing outside of Washington, D.C. over the weekend struggled to name just one meaningful thing that Hillary did as a United States Senator, Secretary of State, or First Lady.

    “She kept Bill in line,” went one answer.

    “These are hard questions,” replied another person.

    She became a “resident of New York,” said one dude.

    Naturally, there were many blank stares and “Umms.”

    But the best line of the day, hands-down, came from one young lady who proudly told the camera that Hillary’s biggest accomplishment was… “being a woman.”

    In other words, her birth alone was a BFD.

    We would tell you to enjoy the montage above, but, well, these idiots most likely will be voting in 2016.

    Video courtesy of Carmela Martinez and Danielle Saul


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