• Watch Bill Kristol Shut Tavis Smiley Up Over the VA Scandal

    It isn't as hard as you'd think

    Sometimes, facts are all you need, folks. I’ve now heard several prominent conservatives in the past couple of weeks proposing a privatized voucher system to replace the troubled VA, now that we’re post-Shinseki. While I don’t admit to know all of the ins and outs of such proposals, I have yet to hear any liberals explain in real terms why it wouldn’t work. I’ve heard blowhards like Bernie Sanders and Tavis Smiley instantly shut down the idea, but none of these critics can seem to manage communicating a simple explanation as to WHY they believe it’s a doomed proposition. In the meantime, from what I’ve heard, a voucher system could go a long way towards fixing the mess. Democrats don’t like the notion, simply because it takes one of their many “big government” tools away from them, and of course, if you’re a Lefty, then any time you’re NOT pouring money at a problem is a missed opportunity.

    So, it’s against that backdrop that it was quite amusing to watch The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol leave Tavis Smiley of PBS utterly speechless on ABC’s This Week. Of course, Tavis was Saved By the Stephanopoulos Bell, so we’ll never know for sure what his response might have been, given another two or three seconds for Smiley’s brain to boot back up. But it looks to me like he got SERVED.

    h/t Newsbusters

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