• Andrea Mitchell Gets Taken to School Over Hamas Yet Again…and Still Doesn’t Get It

    Can you tell I'm not a "Fandrea"?

    Just a quick two-parter here to further illustrate that which we already know: Mitchell the Mainstream Media Moron continues to be clueless.

    Earlier today, Andrea Mitchell sat down with Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer. You’ll recall that in his previous appearance on her show, the “Red Alert” app on his smartphone went off in the middle of the interview, signifying that Israelis had only seconds to find cover before an incoming Hamas rocket attack. Apparently, that drama wasn’t quite convincing enough for Mitchell to understand the sheer state of terror that Israel has lived under while at the mercy of these terrorist thugs. So this time, Dermer brought with him a series of radar photos to show how Hamas targets refugee camps, hospitals, and schools. In the video above, the Ambassador very specifically details for Andrea what Israel is facing in its mortal enemy.

    But of course, Mitchell learned nothing from the lesson. Because only seconds later, this happened:

    You heard it right; that’s MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asking Israel’s Ambassador to the United States whether Israel has “lost its soul” throughout this crisis. Is she for real? Did she not hear ANYTHING Dermer said to her? Or has this woman simply driven herself deaf from the piercing sounds of her own dripping bias?

    Call the MSNBC crew anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, or whatever you prefer. I’ve decided that they’re all just anti-common sense. They’d apparently prefer to see Israel lob Koosh balls at Hamas, while Hamas attempts to wipe them off the face of the earth. Maybe if Andrea Mitchell had to spend an hour inside an Israeli bomb shelter, she’d finally learn a thing or two. But don’t count on it.

    Matt Fox

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