• Ann Coulter On Immigration Crisis: “What Are We Going To Do, Take The Entire World?”

    'I want the same fence Israel has'

    Conservative author Ann Coulter told “The Daily Signal” that Obama should take the $3.7 billion in emergency border funding he requested and “have a big bonfire” with it. “What he wants to do is make it easier for people to come here,” she said.  

    Coulter also criticized “idiot Republicans” for whining about not passing a comprehensive immigration bill, saying “Do they understand that people are coming to this country because they think they’re going to get amnesty?” So only if only we had given amnesty — it’s not even illogical, its counter logic. It’s the opposite of logic. It’s madness. No, we want a barbed-wire fence.”

    “We’ve just got to get rid of this refugee policy. What are we gonna do, take the entire world? All countries suck compared to America. Is that the standard?”


    (Video via Daily Signal)

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

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