• The Beer-Drinking, Pizza-Eating, Pool-Shooting President Might Want to Visit the Border at Some Point

    Things to Do in Denver When You're Dumb

    And so, it’s come to this: liberals BEGGING President Obama to visit the border, since he’s spending his time fundraising in Texas anyway. The calls have been mounting for days now, and it would appear that it has now reached a fever pitch. In a rather shocking turn of events, I’d estimate that the number of Democrats calling upon Obama to make a border appearance has actually exceeded the number of Republicans asking for the same thing. All Barack has to do is switch on MSNBC or any news network in his hotel room — which we were all led to believe is how he finds out about everything in the first place — and he’ll get all the advice he needs. However, since presidents often don’t have the time to rummage through hours upon hours of media coverage, I’ve taken the liberty of teaming up with Grabien to compile the above video, so that Barry can get the overall message in just two minutes. He’s apparently quite busy, you know.

    As he gears up for that Texas fundraising sweep, Obama has been absolutely living it up in Denver, as he’s been filmed drinking beer, eating pizza, shooting pool, and even getting offers of free joints. It’s like he’s experiencing college all over again, except it’s not teachers awarding him the failing grades…it’s the American people. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, for one, really seems livid about all of this. I think she’s disappointed in her former hero:

    But fear not, ladies and gentlemen. There may be a national security crisis plaguing our nation’s borders, but Barack Hussein Obama has one solution to put us all at ease…

    Let’s have a friggin’ picnic, bro!

    Matt Fox

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