• Benghazi Media Malpractice

    For our beloved General Andrew Breitbart, exposing the mainstream media bias was a civil rights issue.

    The watchdogs of public trust are lapdogs for the government! Andrew Breitbart knew, you could not win any long-term political battles until we understand there is a cultural war in full attack mode against Conservatives by the Progressives in the press.

    I can’t help but wonder … What would Breitbart do about Benghazi?

    THE BENGHAZI STORY” –  (Mini-documentary) by Trade Martin

    “The Benghazi terror attack on our compound in Libya that slaughtered four Americans is by far the most massive scandal and cover up that has ever been witnessed in the history of the United States of America!” – Trade Martin

    Lisa Day

    Lisa Day is a communications specialist by trade with 25+ years of experience in the field of internal and external communication, PR and marketing, current events, politics, culture, and American exceptionalism. She's the co-founder of BigDawg Music Radio, and BigDawg Music Mafia, which bridges the cultural divide with artists and entrepreneurs resisting the progressive agenda.

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