• “Is the Border Today Secure?” is a Question Far Too Difficult for the Obama White House to Answer

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    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is really settling into his new job nicely, isn’t he? When it was announced that Jay Carney would be vacating his post, I immediately wondered how any potential replacement could possibly do Jay justice as far as being a pitiful flack…but away we go.

    Is the border today secure?

    Ed Henry of Fox News posited that rather simple question to Earnest on Wednesday. It seemed like a standard “yes” or “no” answer would suffice. But leave it to the most tedious White House in history to argue semantics. Despite multiple followup questions, Josh repeatedly babbled about “significant resources” being devoted to the border, and vomited up a whole bunch of other extraneous nouns and verbs in a desperate attempt to not have to answer.

    I’m beginning to wonder why this White House holds press briefings at all. They don’t like to answer any questions, and they spend a huge bulk of time vilifying and talking down to any journalists who challenge them. I think it’s time for a rebellion of the White House press corps. Perhaps they could boycott news conferences, or better yet, embarrass the administration by only asking questions about Obama’s favorite color, and whether he prefers Cool Ranch Doritos or the Jacked Spicy Chipotle BBQ flavor. Then again, that might be a bit too reminiscent of how the media treated this president in the first place.

    Matt Fox

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