• Israeli Ambassador To CNN: You’re Doing A “Disservice to Your Viewers” In Israel–Gaza Coverage

    In a fiery interview, the Israeli ambassador to the United States slammed CNN for consistently omitting critical facts and details in its coverage of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

    Ambassador Ron Dermer criticized the network’s coverage and asked host Erin Burnett why CNN did “not think that it’s relevant” to report that the United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki Moon warned, “just yesterday,” that Hamas is using schools and shelters as “weapon depots.”

    “I’ve been listening to two hours of reports on CNN,” Dermer said, “I have not heard a single person say what I just said to you now. I think that does a disservice to your viewers to not give them the context they need to make these judgments.”

    Dermer also said he doesn’t have all the details surrounding the bombed United Nations shelter in Gaza–which resulted in the death of 15 Palestinian civilians–but blamed CNN for “not connecting the dots,” and reporting that it is Hamas that deliberately puts Palestinian people at risk by placing missiles in public spaces.

    Jerome Hudson

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