• Even MSNBC Realizes Obama Should Visit the Border

    Is it time to reassess?

    It seems like the only times President Obama can manage to forge bipartisanship are those rare occasions in which he’s able to unite the Right and the Left against something stupid that he’s doing. In this case, he’s been adamant about not visiting the border, despite the fact that he’s fundraising in Texas. Put in perspective, that would be akin to flying to Iraq for a cheeseburger and then coming home.

    Up above, we have MSNBC’s cute-as-a-button über-lefty Alex Wagner grilling what appears to be a Muppet from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, but is in fact the White House Policy Director. Wagner continuously asks her why El Prezzo won’t take an hour of his time to make a border pilgrimage while he’s in town…but the only explanation provided is more of the same gobbly-gook garbage that we heard from the White House Press Secretary this week.

    It’s quite obvious what Obama needs to do, yet he continues to dig his heels in. And the more stubborn he is, the bigger the buffoon he will appear to be if and when he finally relents. It’s not like critics are asking him to wave a magic wand; they just want him to make an appearance. The odd part is that Obama seems to be avoiding the border because he’s afraid of the optics associated with him being near all the chaos. He seems to have no clue that the optics of NOT making the trek are far worse, and are the very reason even liberals are calling this his “Hurricane Katrina moment.”

    Wagner is far from the only MSNBC’er to immediately realize that Barry is making a huge blunder. Here’s Andrea Mitchell drawing the same conclusion:

    For a president who finds out about everything on the news, you’d think he would have switched course by now.

    Matt Fox

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