• Failing Yet Again at a Cease-Fire, Kerry is Now Pushing for a BABY Cease-Fire

    Definition of insanity?

    I’ve already written at length about the fool’s errand that Obama sent John Kerry on when he tasked him with negotiating a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. At this point, I’ve lost count of how many so-called cease-fires have resulted exactly the same way: Israel reluctantly gives something up in order to agree to stop defending itself…and then Hamas slaps them in the face, so the fighting continues.

    Yet, nothing has changed the administration’s approach. I get the sense that Daddy Obama told Lil’ Kerry not to talk to him again until his homework is finished. So he keeps going overseas to ask for the same thing.

    The latest plan emanating from a previous failure is for an “unconditional humanitarian cease-fire,” which Kerry outlines in the video above. “Unconditional”? Sure, that’s going to go over swimmingly with Bibi Netanyahu. Essentially, what the Secretary of State is asking for here is a “baby cease-fire” (or “mini-cease-fire,” if you prefer). He wants both sides to simply stop fighting without actually agreeing to anything. The idea, then, would be to address their deeper problems with one another in a more civil manner. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure where Kerry has been for the past, well…ever…but “dialoguing” doesn’t seem to work here. And even if it did, John Forbes Kerry would certainly not be the man capable of moderating it. Hamas does NOT want to co-exist with Israel, and therein lies the problem. Even the Hamas founder’s own son admits that.

    No one to date has stated it better than Ralph Peters, who asserted today that “cease” and “fire” have been Kerry’s favorite words since he was young enough to crawl:

    Boom. Wreck it, Ralph!

    “SecreKerry-it” knows, of course, that a conditions-free cease-fire isn’t going to go over well, which is why he insisted today that America will work with Israel to disarm Hamas…AFTER they stop fighting:

    So…after all of the shows of disrespect towards Israel and the outright snubs of Benjamin Netanyahu, Kerry’s main pitch to Israelis is “trust us”? It’s no wonder that both sides laugh in this guy’s face.

    I’d call Kerry’s naïveté the stupidest thing I’ve heard in the past 24 hours, but unfortunately, the House Minority Leader has him beat. I leave you, for now, with this:

    Nancy Pelosi says Qataris have assured her that “Hamas is a humanitarian organization”


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