• The First Trailer for the Final “Hobbit” Film is Here!


    There are multiple camps when it comes to the “Hobbit” films, but for the most part, people either love them or hate them. On that scale, consider me totally obsessed.

    Director Peter Jackson has gotten a bad rap throughout the entire run of this trilogy, from criticisms about stretching one film’s worth of story into three movies, to his addition of a few characters not in the original book, to his transformation of a light-hearted tale into something that looks more “epic” like The Lord of the Rings. And that’s not even to mention the blow-back Jackson received over the extremely high frame rate used specifically in the first picture.

    But when you strip all of that away and filter out the noise of the Tolkien loyalists who would probably rather just read the book anyway, what you have here is a really solid set of films. Those who tired of the slow pacing and exposition of “An Unexpected Journey” were pleasantly surprised to experience the almost non-stop action of “The Desolation of Smaug,” though they’ll never admit it. And it would appear that the momentum set forth in that second installment — specifically its agonizing cliffhanger — will carry right over into “The Battle of the Five Armies,” a movie that has already garnered criticism because its title has changed (it was originally called “There and Back Again”). Will ANYTHING please these folks?

    Look, if you’re not down with The Hobbit, you probably know it already. After all, you’ve had two lengthy movies to decide whether you want to stick this one out until the end. For the rest of us, it looks like “Battle” will be about the most satisfying conclusion we could have hoped for, and you have to admit that Jackson is an extremely skilled action director. Lucky for him, this final installment is sort of the “free film,” meaning the stakes are low because The Hobbit was only meant to be two flicks in the first place. Much of the footage for this one had already been shot by the time they reached the deal with New Line to turn it into a trilogy.

    Check out the teaser trailer above, and be on the lookout for a final trailer around October after the effects sequences have been completed. “The Battle of the Five Armies” hits theaters on December 11th, 2014.

    And hey, if “Hobbit 3” still just isn’t your thing, there’s always “Clerks 3” to look forward to (NSFW):

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