• Only Geraldo “Danger” Rivera Knows What Happened to Today’s Downed Malaysian Plane!

    When America needs answers, there's only one mustache to turn to

    When it comes to Malaysian planes, CNN is usually my go-to source to learn what (may have but probably didn’t) happen.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting my fill from The Most Trusted Name In News today on the latest downed Malaysian aircraft on the Russia/Ukraine border. But lucky for all of us, Fox News did them one better…by inviting DANGER MAN himself to the Curvy Couch: Geraldo Rivera!

    There are very few answers about what precisely happened to the plane at this point. But fear not, for in the above video, “Jerry Rivers” tells all! Understand that Obama is sure to find out about the incident by watching the news tomorrow, so it’s important that Geraldo is given a platform to reveal what he knows:

     Vladimir Putin has the blood of these airline passengers on his hands,” declares Rivera. “Admittedly, this is my opinion,” he makes sure to throw in for good measure.

    After repeatedly asserting that pro-Russian activists shot the aircraft down, Fox News’ Outnumbered co-host Harris Faulker responded to Geraldo, “You’ve said that several times.”

    But come on, Harris–no need to belittle the man. After all, Geraldo certainly provided us with more data than “Sack of Psaki” did today over at the State Department:

    Well at least that’s cleared up.

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