• Guess What Was Happening in Another Wing of the White House While Obama Scrambled to Address MH17

    Party Time!

    Talk about cringe-worthy. I couldn’t have written more tone-deaf remarks than this. That’s First Lady Michelle Obama, a mere one day after the shooting down of Flight MH17, hosting a “Party in the White House.” I probably wouldn’t be heaping so much praise on an airline at this particular moment in time, but that’s just me. This was apparently billed as the 2014 Kids’ State Dinner, which begs the question of why it took place in the afternoon, but…whatever.

    Meanwhile, Obama was in the White House briefing room. In his big do-over after botching yesterday’s initial response to the obvious terrorist attack, he declared that it’s “too early for us to be able to guess the intentions” of the MH17 attackers. Seriously? After hearing this, I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear him blame it on a YouTube video…

    The Pentagon echoed the idiocy, with Admiral John Kirby actually declaring, “I don’t think we have a working theory” about why MH17 was shot down:

    What an outrage. And they wonder why Putin keeps laughing at us.

    I guess I’ll just leave the final word to Fred Thompson, who took some time away from his AIG commercials today to blast Barry and Company:


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