• Harry Reid Purports to Know What Judge Judy Would Think of Boehner’s Lawsuit


    Leave it to Senile Majority Leader Harry Reid to claim that he knows what’s in the hearts of others. With nothing of interest to reveal and no particular insights on the issue to share, Hopalong Harry now proclaims that he knows what Judge Judy would have to say about…wait for it…John Boehner’s pending lawsuit against President Obama.

    I think she would throw this case out in half a second,” declared Reid. “The U.S. Congress has no place for inane, politically-motivated ligation. I think Judge Judy would agree.”

    Isn’t it interesting that Reid would invoke a TV judge rather than a Supreme Court justice? Either someone has been watching a bit too much of the boob tube, or this Searchlight Simpleton is secretly fearful that SCOTUS might actually give Boehner’s lawsuit a day in the sun.

    But rather than spend any more time dissecting the latest foibles of Nevada’s number one loser, let’s instead watch some Judge Judy…and pretend she’s talking to Harry when she hurls world-class insults like these:


    Matt Fox

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