• Hear What a Four-Year Old Said That Got Him Banned From a Donut Shop

    Kids say the darndest things

    Here comes a story that might be from the same people who brought you “My Three-Year Old Was Kicked Out of KFC Because of Her Scars,” but at this point, there’s no indication that we have another hoax on our hands. Still, time will tell.

    Anyway, today’s tale comes from up in Monroe, Connecticut, courtesy of a donut shop called Doughnut Inn, where a precocious four-year old toddler named Justin Otero decided to ask a rather large female customer…wait for it…whether she was pregnant. Yeah, she wasn’t.

    Justin’s mom, Rebecca Denham, was understandably “mortified” by the question, and immediately apologized. The “victim” didn’t much mind, and assured Rebecca that she hears those kinds of things from nursery school kids all the time. But apparently, Doughnut Inn’s management isn’t in the business of forgiveness. Donuts and their handlers are very serious things, you know. When the boy and his mommy came back the next day, they were informed that young Justin was no longer welcome in the establishment.

    She said, “he’s not allowed in here,” and I looked around, and said, “him?” And she said, “yeah, he’s rude, according to Denham.

    That’s some grudge, is it not? Doughnut Inn not only remembered the boy and his mom 24 whole hours later, but were still upset enough about it to administer punishment. Who runs this place, Michael Corleone?

    For now, there’s been no resolution to DonutGate, but Rebecca says she and Justin will simply take their donut business elsewhere.

    Here at Daily Surge, we’ll follow this important story to bring you all of the up-to-the-minute details. In the meantime, look to this contracted correspondent for any other updates:

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