• Hilarity Ensues as Joan Rivers Storms Off CNN Set During Condescending Interview

    See ya, Twitfield

    What’s so wrong about telling it like it is? That’s the point comedienne Joan Rivers was attempting to communicate to CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield, until she finally got fed up with the anchor’s attitude and left.

    Honestly, I don’t blame her. Joan Rivers is 81-years old and has had a storied career in comedy that spans five decades. CNN’s “Twitfield” seemed to think Joan was booked on her program to face some sort of inquisition over animal rights, as if she’s a politician. She even referred to Rivers as an “activist” at one point during the interrogation, which — unless I’ve horribly overlooked something — is about the last thing I think of when reflecting upon Joan’s legacy in the entertainment business. Besides, even if she could be considered an activist, I’ve certainly witnessed dozens upon dozens of celebrity activists being interviewed on CNN, from Sean Penn to Spike Lee, who are never put on the hot seat like that. Did Joan overreact a bit? Perhaps. But let’s be honest here; she was invited to discuss a book called “Diary of a Mad Diva,” not to defend the political implications of the fur coat she dons on the book’s cover.

    I know I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe…just maybe…Fredricka felt she needed to mistreat the Queen of Mean to get back at her for her so-called “shocking” dig at The Obamas:



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