• Hillary: Yeah, I Defended a Child Rapist in the 70’s…No Big Whoop


    Well, it took her a few weeks. But Hillary Clinton has finally finished crafting her official response to those rather inconvenient reports about her defense of Thomas Alfred Taylor, an accused child rapist, in 1975.

    When you are a lawyer, you often don’t have the choice as to who you will represent, and by the very nature of criminal law, there will be those who you represent that you don’t approve of,” asserted Clinton in an online British interview with Mumsnet. “But at least in our system you have an obligation, and once I was appointed, I fulfilled that obligation.”

    And what an obligation it was. Hillary managed to get the child rapist a very minimal sentence on a technicality about chain-of-evidence regarding his bloody underwear. She also argued that the man’s victim, a 12-year old, may have encouraged her own attack. Real classy, Clinton. In the end, Taylor was sentenced to only one year in jail, with two months taken off for time served.

    But I guess the so-called “champion for women and girls” was just doing her job.

    Recently, The Washington Free Beacon released archival audio tapes from the 1980’s that feature Hillary laughing about managing to get a plea deal for the rapist, whom she personally believed to be guilty, after the DNA evidence had been botched by the prosecution.

    Matt Fox

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