• Israeli Ambassador: Hey, Remember When Hamas Was Dancing on 9/11 Because Americans Died?

    Oh, right

    Ron Dermer is one hell of an Israeli Ambassador, isn’t he? When he’s not schooling Andrea Mitchell about the existential threat Israel faces from Hamas, he’s very calmly sitting down with the other mindless dopes at MSNBC to explain to them why there is no moral equivalency between the warring parties. Dermer is fantastic when it comes to articulating things that the average observer sometimes forgets or overlooks.

    Hamas is no different than al Qaeda,” Dermer told Morning Joe. “And you can imagine what America would do if you had two-thirds of your people in bomb shelters and you had an al Qaeda organization firing 2,500 rockets from contiguous territory at your country. And you can imagine what the American people would want their government to do … this organization, Hamas, was dancing on 9/11 when thousands of Americans were dead. And they condemned the U.S. for the killing of Osama Bin Laden.”

    So well-stated, yet the demonization of Israel throughout this crisis has run rampant in the news media. And that’s not even to mention how poorly the Obama administration has been treating its ally. Check out this clip of former Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, who told Steve Malzberg that Obama has been treating Bibi Netanyahu like a Taliban leader:

    He was yelling and telling Prime Minister Netanyahu what he should do and what he should not do,” said Danon of President Obama. “And I tell you, frankly, we have a very close relationship with the U.S., the strongest ally of Israel. But this is not a way to treat the leader of an ally country. He’s not talking, President Obama, with a leader of the Taliban. He’s talking with the leader of the State of Israel, of the Jewish people.”

    Wow. How incredibly sad. An American president is spitting in the face of our greatest ally in the world, and he’s doing it at a time when that ally is fighting an enemy that danced on the graves of 9/11 victims. Stay classy, Barack.

    Matt Fox

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