• Joan Rivers Delivers the Greatest Defense of Israel Since at Least Howard Stern

    "The Queen of Mean" becomes The Queen of Israel

    By now, you’ve surely heard Howard Stern’s fist-pumping pro-Israel declaration on his radio show, which was a great thing to hear amid all of the anti-Semitism and pro-Palestinian bias that’s been permeating most mainstream media airwaves. But not to be outdone, Joan Rivers has something to say about Israel as well, and she’s giving Howie a run for his money in the “most passionate defense of our greatest ally” department!

    TMZ caught up with Joan, who is clearly fed up with hearing the same biased garbage that got Howard all worked up and enraged over.

    If New Jersey were firing rockets at New York, we would wipe ‘em out,” Rivers said. Asked about the Palestinian civilian casualties, “Don’t put your goddamn things in private homes!” she fired back. They started it! You’re all insane! They started it!

    Be sure to watch the video above through to the end to hear Joan’s opinion on Selena Gomez, who has also decided to weigh in on the crisis since she’s, you know, Selena Gomez.

    Now, the question that Daily Surge has been pondering for the past 24 hours: Should Secretary of State John Kerry be replaced with Howard Stern? We’re thinking Joan Rivers would make a great Deputy…

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