• Kevin Sorbo Answers What The World Would Be Like Without America

    Kevin Sorbo Answers What The World Would Be Like Without America

    The other night I attended a red carpet premiere for the economic thriller, Alongside Night in Beverly Hills, CA. The low-budget indie film explores an America, which has collapsed economically. Where gold and foreign currency is illegal. The production is less than dazzling to be sure, and every fiber of the story is steeped in Libertarianism. Many aspects of the film, I do not agree with, but I do love me some personal liberties, adherence to the Constitution and laissez-faire.

    Kevin Sorbo‘s performance is done well and with ease. I spoke to Mr. Sorbo on the red carpet and asked him if an economic Armageddon was in our future. Also asking if he thought this was the end of what we know as America? What would the world be like without America? Sorbo, had some tough words for those in power.

    Check out what Sorbo, and other performers had to say about the current state of affairs.

    Sutton Porter

    Sutton Porter

    Sutton Porter is a political satirist/standup comic, performing with Evan Sayet's Night of Conservative Comedy. She's a commentator on radio and TV and she is also a television producer on The Rick Amato Show. Sutton also serves as a Delegate for the GOP CA.

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