• Louisiana Gave Away $1.3 million In food stamps To dead People

    Only in Obama’s America can dead people vote and be eligible for food stamps.

    According to the the Times-Picayune, Louisiana spent nearly $1.3 million on food stamps for dead people between 2009 and 2013.

    The $1.3 million in waste was revealed in report by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor:

    In all, state benefits went out to 3,938 deceased people over the four-year period examined by the auditor. The Louisiana auditor only reviewed records concerning single people who had died. The total amount of money spent on food stamps for single people in Louisiana during this time was $1.08 billion.

    Much of the money — $556,000 — was spent on people who had been dead for at least four months. A fair amount of money — $272,951 — was also spent on people who had only been dead one month.

    The worst part is that this is just one audit of one welfare program in one state.


    Video via WFB

    Jerome Hudson

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