• Meet the MSNBC Dope Who Thinks the Media is Too Pro-Israeli

    ...the very media that lets her circulate this crap

    Pardon my own ignorance, but I have never seen this woman before. And quite frankly, after listening to her spout off about how American media is far too biased in favor of Israel, I hope to never hear from her again. Unfortunately, MSNBC absolutely adores veiled anti-Semites like this, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her awarded with a prime time show soon. Perhaps she can even take one of the slots formerly filled by Martin Bashir or Alec Baldwin.

    Her name is Rula Jebreal, and she’s strangely described as a “journalist.” On Monday’s Ronan Farrow Daily, Jebreal absolutely went off on what she described as a pro-Israeli America media that’s “disgustingly biased” against Palestinians. Ironically, of course, she was delivering her buzzword-filled soapbox diatribe on perhaps the most anti-Israel network in the history of cable news.

    She cited NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin, who was removed from covering the Israel-Hamas conflict last week because of partial reporting. What she failed to mention was the fact that Mohyeldin was reinstated two days later, and has been filing pro-Palestinian reports like this — which was broadcast on the same day as Rula’s appearance — ever since:

    Wow, that really sounded pro-Israel to me! Is Miss Jebreal on crack? If anything, Mohyeldin should be fired for a pro-PALESTINE bent. And let’s not forget the endless parade of Palestinian guests that are regularly granted interviews throughout the day on MSNBC. I sure see a hell of a lot more of them than I do of Bibi Netanyahu.

    Luckily, Eli Lake of The Huffington Post was on hand to push back against Rula’s insane lament over a powerful Israel lobby…not to mention the fact that people like her are actually given pedestals to spew the kind of garbage that she was broadcasting at that very moment. Jebreal was essentially whining that people of her ideology don’t have a voice…while she was offered the bulk of an entire five minute segment to be heard. Have you ever argued with an idiot who constantly shouts “Can I speak? Can I speak?” instead of actually making an argument? Yeah, it was kind of like that.

    Ronan Farrow wrapped the segment in his typical dummy fashion, as he attempted to unite his guests: “It’s a failure of politics, failure of media and it’s a failure on the ground. I think it’s a failure for the world.”

    That’s deep stuff, Ronan. Real deep.

    BONUS: In case you needed proof that Rula is a first class whiner, consider the tweet she sent out after her appearance:

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