• #NotInterestedInPhotoOps Hashtag Spawns Awesome Avalanche of Classic Obama Photo Ops

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    In the latest bout of hilarity emanating from the “You Can’t Write This Stuff” presidency, the world wide web wins yet again. You’ve undoubtedly heard the soundbite in question by now,  in which Obama proclaims that he’s “not interested in photo ops,” and that’s why he refuses to visit the crisis-plagued border. There’s just one problem, of course. As I pointed out earlier in the week, Barry absolutely LOVES him a good photo op…and The Internet knows it. It didn’t take long before #NotInterestedInPhotoOps become one of the top trending Twitter hashtags on Thursday, as savvy news junkies attempted to outdo one another by linking up some of the greatest Obama photo ops of all time.

    Breitbart did a fantastic job of compiling 35 of the best ones, which you can check out here. Meanwhile, here are just a few of the highlights.

    Barry with Jay-Z and Beyonce:


    Barry getting his groove on at Wal-Mart:


    Barry with Clooney Tunes:


    Barry honoring George Lucas for some reason:


    Barry pretending to be interested in Bob Dylan:


    Barry giving Sandra Fluke her birth control:


    Barry painting his first bookshelf:

    book shelf

    Barry pointing at a kid who probably fell asleep listening to his speech:


    Barry chilling with Katy Perry and her granny:


    Barry showing off to the LA Galaxy:


    Barry getting his Uhura on:


    Barry and Bono:


    Barry and Bruce:


    Barry trashed on Guinness:


    Barry engaging in irony:


    Barry just being Barry:


    Be sure and check out the complete set of selfies, celebrity shots, and photo ops over at Breitbart, as there are at least 20 more examples to behold (if you can stomach them).

    This dude is going to have one epic Facebook page when he leaves Washington, amirightguys?

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