• CNN Host: If Obama Is At 42 Percent Nationally, “He’s Lower In States With Big Senate Races”

    CNN’s John King said Obama’s approval rating has “essentially flatlined since January.”

    King was reacting to a new CNN/ORC International survey that said only 42% of voters believe Obama can manage the government effectively. That’s just one percentage point down from the 43% who felt the same way in March.

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    CNN political commentator and NRO contributor Reihan Salam said, “I would argue that you’re looking at a good, solid 40% of people who will be with the president no matter what.”

    Daily Surge publisher Jason Mattera refers to those brain-dead people as “Obama Zombies.”

    “42% is about the president’s bottom,” King said. “Barring some other dramatic crises, he won’t fall much lower than that.”

    “However,” King added, “you don’t want a president at 42% anytime, especially in a midterm election year, when the approval rating is essentially the north star. Midterm elections are determined most of all by the president’s approval rating.”

    The CNN/ORC International survey also said that only 40% of Americans favor Obamacare, while 38% said it is “too liberal.”

    Jerome Hudson

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