• From A-Z: The Complete Guide To Obama’s Scandals, Lies, And Blunders

    With so many scandals and failures within the Obama White House, it’s hard to keep up with all of them because there are so many. The good news for you is that I’ve compiled an A-Z listing of Obama’s scandals and failures. The bad news… Obama is still the President.

    A. Associated Press Scandal – Remember this? When Attorney General Eric Holder issued his own subpoena to seize phone records of a journalist? Apparently there was a “leak” and the Obama Administration doesn’t want you thinking for yourself, so he teamed up with his legal lapdog and seized several journalists personal home phone records, as well as many other office documents. I just wish that we had some sort of law that prohibited such things…like freedom of the press, or unlawful search & seizure…something really catchy so we don’t get into this mess again.

    B. Benghazi – If you don’t know about this, there is simply no hope for you. Here’s what Jason Mattera had to say when he spoke with the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about her failure to protect our State Department officials.

    C. Chinook Helicopter – This story didn’t get picked up immediately because we were too busy celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden, but shortly after the successful raid, 38 people died when an RPG shot down a Chinook helicopter on Aug 6, 2011. Official reports have been released but with many details left out, and still virtually no answers from the White House about why this team was sent out in a hostile environment unprepared to handle any level of violence.

    D. Drones – The infamous unmanned aircraft that can wage wars while you’re sipping a big gulp happens to be Barack Obama’s favorite method of killing. Of course, naturally, drones started towards the end of Bush 2’s presidency, but absolutely skyrocketed once Obama took office. It’s even been said that under G.W. there was a drone attack every 43 days, but under the Obama administration, there was a drone attack every four days. The ironic thing is that Obama currently holds a Nobel Peace Prize. The sad thing is that he has become really good at killing.

    E. Eric Holder – America’s blockhead neighborhood watchman, and 82nd Attorney General of the United States is the only sitting cabinet member to be held in contempt of Congress. In fact, there probably isn’t a scandal on this list that he wasn’t a part of in some fashion.

    F. Fort Hood – What do you get when you take a practicing Muslim who makes anti-American statements, and associates with suspected terrorists, and combine it with a President who couldn’t care less? You get the 2009 Fort Hood shooting where 13 people were murdered by Nidal Malik Hasan, an army major who declared his desire to defend the lives of his Taliban leaders. The President was criticized for his refusal to acknowledge that the shooting was an act of terrorism and deemed it as “Workplace Violence”.

    G. Guantanamo – No doubt, this is the joker in Obama’s deck. Whenever he needs public support behind him, no matter what scandal is public, he will bust out closing Guantanamo forever. Say anything you can to win, right?

    H. Healthcare.gov – For the .000001% who were not around for the disastrous rollout of President Obama’s signature “accomplishment,” here’s the gist of it…Obama force-fed a crappy law on the American People, that lawmakers didn’t even read, and the website didn’t work. If this still isn’t registering with you, here’s a list of American accomplishments that took less time to build than healthcare.gov

    I. IRS Scandal – Now according to the President, there is not one smidgen of corruption within the IRS. But according to everyone else in the country, B.O. was using the IRS to bully conservative groups that were filing for tax-exempt status. As pathetic as that sounds, it’s true, and the finger is pointed directly at the White House. God Bless America.

    J. Jay Carney – He’s the guy your mother forced you to have play dates with in grade school. Think back, I’m sure there was someone like that in your elementary school. If not…then this just got real awkward, real quick. Anyway, Jay Carney grew up to be a White House Press Secretary, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, working for the President of The United States. You’re forever ingrained in the history books, one can only dream of such an opportunity…but then again, would you want his gig? Anyway, the reason Jay is on this list is weird, because if you worked for the highest office, especially one under this administration knowing that your every mistake is going to be scrutinized, wouldn’t you hide your soviet-era propaganda away from photographers? I mean, at least TRY to seem like you’re not an anti-capitalist? But take a look at a recent photoshoot with the Carney family for MOM magazine. It’s almost like staring into the future.

    K. Keystone Pipeline – The 1,700 mile, $7 billion project that would deliver over 700,000 barrels of oil per day has been a source of contention between Democrats and Republicans for a few years now. The split seems obvious but when you dig a little deeper you can see some heavy-hitting political donors who are paying politicians for their opposition to the project. Hell, even former President Bill Clinton supports the pipeline.

    L. Lobbyist – In 2007, candidate Barack Obama vowed that the days of “lobbyist running the agenda were over” and claimed that they would not work in his White House. He must have forgotten about his promise, because he’s hired over 100 lobbyists who fund his campaign, set the agenda and work in his White House. It seems to me that the problem isn’t the lobbyist, but rather the politician who can’t keep his hands in his own pockets.

    M. Monsanto – Is the world’s leading producer of genetically modified foods, which means that they’re the company that reportedly put toxins, allergens, and diseases in our food, which is super gross, and why I prefer to eat organic foods (don’t hate). In 2007 Obama had tough words for companies that sell genetically modified food, which seemed reasonable at the time. But there is a big difference between Obama pre/post-election. Even Mother Jones is pissed because Obama ended up appointing the head of Monsanto to run the FDA shortly after his first election. I’m not joking.

    N. NSA – Ahh the National Security Agency. A place of fearless leadership where brave men and women stand to protect us from anything that goes bump in the night, regardless of civil liberties and that pesky little thing we call a Constitution. What started under Bush 2—as the “Patriot Act” (you remember)—became a campaign slogan for the Junior Senator Barack Obama running for President, as something that violated our right to privacy and promised to end it. Except the last part didn’t happen. Instead, the warrantless government spying increased dramatically over the next couple of years under Obama’s administration, and he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for Edward Snowden…who now sits in Russia as Putin’s guest.

    O. Operation Fast and Furious – Once upon a time, two men who were obsessed with gun control, sold weapons to a Mexican cartel in an effort to arrest and dismantle the cartels (one of whom holds a nobel peace prize). Shortly after this, the two men lost track of the guns, and a border patrol agent was murdered with those very guns. I’m sure you can see where this went.

    P. Putin – The campaigning politician was caught on open mic speaking with outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev claiming that he’s on his “last election” and will have more flexibility to negotiate MISSILE CONTROL once the campaign has ended. Medvedev promised to relay the message to Mr. Putin. Conveniently enough, this episode got turned into a partisan argument and nothing ever came about the incident.

    Q. Questions – There are still some lingering questions after Obama recently made a promise to students who are getting hit with some heavy student loans. The idea of student loan forgiveness sounds great to those who have a significant debt on their backs, but economically speaking, does not make any bit of sense. The convenient timing of all this is that the President had the Veterans Affairs Scandal, a resigning White House Press Secretary, the IRS scandal, and Benghazi was coming back into the spotlight with Trey Gowdy leading the charge this time. Seriously, I wish I had his job: Say whatever you want, do whatever you want, and when you fail…blame the other guy (GOP).

    R. Recess Appointments – This wasn’t a ‘major’ scandal by any means, but just continues to prove that President Obama is a complete and total control freak. He issued a recess appointment for the Senate when they weren’t in recess. I know it sounds super nit-picky but the Supreme Court had to step in and give him a slap on the wrist. Just to show how legit the criticism was, here’s an article from MSNBC acknowledging Obama’s overreach… for real.

    S. Solyndra – Obama’s solar-powered wet dream that ultimately went bust. The clean technology company wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, laid off 1,100 employees, and was raided by the FBI under suspicion of accounting fraud. Serenity Now.

    T. Timothy Geithner – The 75th Secretary of the Treasury aka the guy who prints our money aka the guy who cheated on his taxes, but no one cared because Democrats are such forgiving people (Or hypocrites, depending on your point of view). How nice…

    U. Unemployment numbers – I think that it’s safe to say that Barack Obama is a “say anything to win” politician. This became incredibly prevalent during the 2012 elections. The POTUS had to compete against Mitt Romney, who literally made a fortune out of turning failing businesses into profitable ones, and was noticeably out of his comfort zone, because the economy was still in the toilet. So if you have no record to run on, what do you do? You make up a record and tout your successes around the country; at least that’s exactly what he did. According to a New York Post article, in August of 2012 the unemployment numbers dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%. Red flags went up immediately; only it was too late, he would move on to win the reelection, and the power hungry president would continue. Forbes magazine did an even more in-depth look into the fudged unemployment numbers.

    V. VA Scandal – Words cannot describe how shameful this is. Veterans are literally dying while waiting to be treated for their war-related injuries while the President is playing golf. If you’re as upset as I am, and want to help, please take a minute and check out some of these organizations: Wounded Warrior Project, Concerned Veterans for America. Veterans are the backbone of this country.

    W. Weapons of Mass Destruction – In 2002 (yes 2002), according to a BBC article the U.S., aka Bush 2, claimed that Syria had a “long-standing chemical weapons program”. This seemed crazy to me because for the next 12 years, all I’ve heard from liberals is that Bush is a warmonger and there were never any WMDs, until 2011 when Syria broke out into a civil war, and their President Bashar Al-Assad, slaughtered his own people with chemical weapons. We almost went over there, but B.O. has no balls, so instead we just gave the “rebels” a ton of taxpayer money, weapons and training only to find out they’re in fact a terrorist organization themselves; and apparently Assad is still using chemical weapons over there.

    X. This one was hard, but don’t worry, we still got 2 years left

    Y. You didn’t build that – Remember when the POTUS said this on the campaign trail? Yeah…about that…I would keep this quiet around Jason Mattera…I’m pretty sure he might disagree.

    Z. Zero Votes – That’s the number of Senate Democrats who voted for Obama’s first two budgets. How embarrassing? But I’m sure it’s more complicated than the President being an economic buffoon. It must be the fault of you Bush-loving racists. Snort.

    Matt Schuck

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