• Palestinian Propaganda Network MSNBC Proclaims it’s “Racist” to Accurately Describe Hamas

    The latest from the 24/7 Palestinian-loving sycophants

    We learn something new every day on MSNBC, don’t we?

    Well actually, we don’t. We just hear crazier and crazier attempts by each show on the network to outdo one another in the bashing Israel department.

    In another time, a so-called “news organization” would actually try and be subtle about its pro-Palestinian bias. But these guys have no shame. Ironically, the vile creature who had been lamenting that the media is too pro-Israel is no longer an MSNBC contributor. But what has become blatantly obvious is that they only punished her for casting aspersions on MSNBC itself, rather than because of her Palestinian talking points. How do we know? Well, just look at the panoply of Palestinian propaganda that we’ve seen on the network over the past week, even without that nasty woman. MSNBC has no problem existing solely as an outlet for anti-Semitic voices, and in fact only gets angry when they’re accused of loving Israel too much. While most sane people would actually embrace the latter, MSNBC is terrified of having that hypothetical pro-Netanyahu perception. The irony, of course, is the fact that no one actually has that perception. If you’re mistaking this network for loving Jews, I’d love to sample whatever you happen to be smoking.

    Now, to the above video. That’s Yousef Munayyer, the director of Jerusalem Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for Palestinians. He appeared on The Reid Report, where Joy Reid’s version of a balanced discussion essentially involved playing a short clip of a Netanyahu spokesman describing how Hamas uses its citizens as human shields (which they do)…and then turning it over to Yousef to blast him:

    It’s unfortunate we can hear Israeli spokespeople who are speaking on behalf of a military force that is inflicting massive civilian casualties on the ground stand here in front of your viewers and essentially blame the victims for their own deaths,” said Munayyer. “I think there’s something fundamentally wrong and, in fact, racist about that argument.”

    Ah, the old race card. The card of choice for liberals, liars, and apparently, Palestinian dimwits who can’t make a cogent argument without it. Apparently, it’s “racist” to describe the precise activities that Hamas happens to be engaging in. Is Munayyer trying to argue that those thugs AREN’T using their own citizens as human shields? Because the last I checked…well, I’d complete the sentence but I’d probably be described as a racist by this crew.

    The Israelis launched a military operation in the Gaza Strip that they knew would cause massive civilian death, and they also knew would not significantly change the military dynamic. That is the major crime in my view here,” said the man who will likely become Joy Reid’s go-to guest on all things Israel.

    Earlier, I thought it was a real achievement that MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow had managed to combine sex-hookups and anti-Semitism into a single segment, but Joy Reid is definitely giving the kid a run for his money with her pro-Hamas/race-card combination platter. Up next, Chris Matthews links Jew hatred with Voter ID laws. I think that’s what “Lean Forward” means.

    Matt Fox

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