• The Photo Op President Gets Served By a Fox News Reporter

    #NotInterestedInPhotoOps won't be soon forgotten

    It was blatantly obvious from the moment Barack Obama uttered the words “I’m not interested in photo ops” last week (in defense of not visiting the border) that the president would quickly regret ever having said it. That is, if he actually had any shame. When it comes to things Obama enjoys, such as attempting to spent a butt-load of money on infrastructure, Barry loves him some cameras. That said, Tuesday’s photo op in Virginia spawned a classic moment in the White House Briefing Room, in which Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked by Wendell Goler of Fox News, “Is the president enjoying himself in his photo op this afternoon?

    The unwanted question forced Earnest to have to distinguish between different types of photo ops, presidential priorities, and a level of spin just a few yards short of “It depends upon what the meaning of the word IS is.” In other words, Josh had no real answer, and the whole exchange was an utter embarrassment of the kind that only Team Obama can seem to continuously muster. My personal favorite moment was when Earnest pretended not to understand the question.

    The next time this issue comes up and the White House tries to dodge, I’d pay good money to see any member of the press corps hold this video up on their phone and ask for comment:

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