• Poll: GOP Approval Ratings for Supreme Court Have Skyrocketed

    A Gallup poll released on Monday shows that support for the Supreme Court stemming from the GOP has skyrocketed by 21 percentage points.

    Republican approval is up from 30 percent last September to a stunning 51 percent, likely owing to recent favorable rulings regarding prayer in city council meetings, free speech zones around abortion clinics and the Hobby Lobby decision.

    Predictably, Democratic support for the Supreme Court is trending in the opposite direction. Only a year ago, Democrats were the group with the highest Supreme Court approval ratings at 58 percent, but this figure has dropped by 14 percentage points to an overall approval rating of 44 percent. And 50 percent of Democrats actively disapprove.

    The court’s 5-4 ruling on Hobby Lobby is almost certainly spurring some of the dissatisfaction. Democrats in the Senate are attempting to override it through legislation.

    In total, approval ratings from all Americans have remained consistent since Gallup’s poll last year. In September 2013, support for the Supreme Court was slated at 46 percent, while disapproval followed at a close 45 percent. As of today, the ratings have bumped up slightly, with Americans giving an approval rating of 47 percent and expressed disapproval to the tune of 46 percent.

    Looking back at overall trends for the past 14 years, Supreme Court approval ratings have briefly intersected in 2005 at approximately equal rates of 50-50, bounced back to a high approval rating in 2009, and have been in continual decline since. Americans remain split on their views towards the Supreme Court.

    Gallup conducted the survey from July 7-10, with a sample of 1,013 adults in all 50 states. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

    A similar poll by Gallup earlier this year found that confidence levels in the Supreme Court are at record lows of 30 percent.

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