• Rick Perry to Obama: “Be a Leader”

    Don't mess with Texas

    President Obama may have thought he could roll in and out of Texas for a fundraiser last week (without a border visit) and his immigration problems would eventually go away. But Texas Governor Rick Perry is among the many who won’t be letting him off the hook that easy. Perry is calling for the president to order the National Guard to the border right now, and to start getting “realistic” about the dire situation over there.

    Here’s his opportunity to truly lead,” Perry told Fox News Sunday. “Don’t blame this on anyone. Be a leader, lay out a plan.” The Texas Governor also criticized Obama’s emergency funding request, saying it’s far too much money with too little of it actually being designated for border security.

    All of this comes after a whirlwind couple of weeks that has seen the emergence of bipartisan criticism of the way the president has been handling the ongoing crisis. With most of the negative attention Obama has gotten on issues spanning the Veterans Affairs scandal to the release of Bowe Bergdahl to the IRS scandal to the disintegrating situation in Iraq, the president has generally been “bailed out” by the short attention span of the news media, which has pivoted from story to story.

    But it would appear that the administration now has so many problems on its hands — with varying degrees of immediate attention being required — that it’s becoming harder and harder for them to find “feel-good” news to fall back on. The general consensus among Republican critics seems to be that Obama has already “checked out,” and is more interested in focusing on his post-presidency plans than actually attempting to do something successful in his final two years in office. The negative tone of most of his recent speeches would appear to back that up.

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