• So, I Just Accidentally Locked Myself Inside a Maximum Security Jail for 31 Hours…


    Yikes, where’s Michael Scofield when you need him? A man was visiting his jailed son at Chicago’s Cook County Jail over the weekend, when he somehow got his fool ass locked inside the maximum security facility for a whopping 31 hours. After entering a visiting room, a door locked behind him, and the man found himself trapped.

    Eventually, he managed to bust up an overhead sprinkler, which alerted Chicago firefighters to the man’s plight, and he was finally rescued. The visiting room that he was locked inside had not been checked because apparently, no one uses that room on the weekends.

    In a way, the “wrongfully imprisoned” man was kind of brilliant to break the sprinkler, though it certainly would have been better had he succeeded before 31 hours had passed. He was reportedly “relieved and couldn’t have been more gracious” to be rescued, according to what the jail’s executive director, Cara Smith, told The Chicago Tribune. The man was promptly taken to a medical center to administer stitches on one of his thumbs, which was rather busted up as a result of banging on the sprinkler.

    The man is happily free, but his son certainly isn’t. He’s awaiting trial for a drug case and has been imprisoned for thirteen months.

    The moral of the story? You always need backup:


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