• Time for Another Violent TV Newsroom Brawl!

    Welcome to Fight Club


    It was a little over two months ago when we shared with you the original on-air brawl that resulted in the complete destruction of a broadcast news studio owned by a Jordanian television network called 7 Stars. After the kicks and punches eventually subsided, one could only conclude that 7 Stars returned to its regular business.

    …until now.

    Yep, that (apparently) would be the exact same studio in the video above, Surgers! With a new desk, of course. Another day, another smack-down, as anti-Assad Jordanian journalist Shaker-al-Johari sat on a panel with pro-Assad activist Samih Khrais. It would be quite the understatement to declare that things didn’t go so well. This time, we’ve got thrown water bottles, pens, and yes…even chairs.

    We can all have a good laugh about this, of course, but I understand that Meet the Press is seriously looking for a format change. Can you imagine a conservative guest being given the opportunity to grab David Gregory by his blow-dried hair and engage in all-out fisticuffs? Yes, please!

    BONUS: Here’s CNN’s “Best of the Brawls” report.

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